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Module 1 - User-Web-Mobile Software



Track sales dealmakers quickly with our online information databases.

Organize all of your client, candidate, partner, alliance, affiliate, and

contractor sales organizations that you want to track. Your sales force

management will have instant access to all of your important vendor

contacts in relation to their overall sales organization.


Our webcentric solution is very powerful, allowing you to enter vendor

and user organizations with multiple addresses, custom fields, and other

advanced features. This is not just a contact manager, but a complete

organizational tracking and contact solution.


All pre-sales and post-sales activities can be tracked and analyzed through

every step of the way as your sales workflows are automated using

the sales force solution. Email campaigns and call automation tracking

features are organized by vendor and are integrated throughout the

solution. Each vendor record lists all related items including contacts,

deals, tasks, and other activities and items that you create in developing

the profile of each sales organization.


By tracking your contacts by organization, your [VSC] X enterprise sales

services exchange can begin to develop powerful information

profiles that quickly identify opportunities for increasing efficiencies

in sales and support processes. Additionally, your sales force team

will have all of the important contact information and historical tracking

of calls and activities that have already taken place with each of your

potential or current customers.



Our [VSC] X solution media functionality is not supposed to replace your

current media player, but works together with your existing media solution to

provide a multi-interactive, multi-integrated, and multi-programmable

[VSC] X sales dealmakers solutions.





Our solution can be set-up for all requirements to provide your small business

with a key phrase top rating on all major search engines for extreme traffic.


Negoish:UNIT Ware v1.0

Module 2 - Integration Software



Databases are the sales suspects that make up vendors and users of

the sales dealmakers solution that you want to track and establish sales

relationships. You can easily import all of your sales contacts from

your existing e-mail address folders into our sales dealmakers solution

and get started quickly with generating "new" sales calls.


Enter your databases and their corresponding vendor or user to

which they belong and begin using our powerful sales dealmakers solution

tools. You can track all of your important contacts and customize the

application throughout, creating your own custom fields and changing

all of the default options to match your unique business needs.


Once you have imported or entered an individual database, you can then

begin to associate corporate documents, emails, calls, meetings, notes,

and a whole variety of other important information. You can also send

out informational forms or surveys that you create and use our many

other [VSC] X template features and tools. You can assign your

databases to a particular email campaign or call quite simply; we provide

a number of quick lookup features and cross referenced lists for fast

access to important database information.



Task collaboration tracking is essential to your normal business

operations and sales functions, giving you an idea of the amount of

time that you are spending trying to close deals or service accounts.

Going the extra mile is what it takes to close a sale or in support of your

customers sales service requests; track and schedule essential activities

that help to build a powerful personal connection with your partners,

alliances, affiliates, contractors, and players.


Customize your collaboration tasks by priority, create custom types,

status, flag, and assign tasks to individual sales team members, our

powerful [VSC] X solution is smart exchangeware that empowers

sales dealmakers. Collaboration tasks can be related to any number of

other entities in the solution - contacts and companies, calls, documents,

and notes all have relations to your tasks and business workflows.


Collaboration tasks are not events, but are more abstract sales and

functions that have no defined time period, such as reaching a quota,

sending a gift to an important client, or operational tasks such as reporting

functions and other important milestones in your small business. You have

the ability to assign collaboration tasks amongst your sales team members,

it is easy to distribute the workload and make sales and support a real sales

team effort. [VSC] X solution can empower your entire group to

work more efficiently through efficient data management and reporting.



Closing Deals are what it is all about - increasing your sales through

efficient lead tracking and follow-up. Deals are tracked through status,

showing if a customer has received an estimate or quote, if a purchase order

has been submitted, or if invoicing and commissions are due. Deals can also

be used to measure quotas and also to identify opportunities for sales

management or additional sales and support should the deal languish in the

pipeline too long.


The sales pipeline presents multiple tables and reports as well as highly

visual information showing how your sales team is doing, providing key

insights into the progress of your sales organization. By entering sales

related products into the solution and then tracking leads from prospects

through the sales cycle, you can create a complete view of the entire sales

process and your progress in running your business as it relates to your

sales success.


By tracking deals through the pipeline in a central, shared environment,

your sales and support staff work together easier and more efficiently,

allowing your employees to collaborate tasks with each other for greater

sales team success and customer satisfaction. Your sales team members

can all work together and see all of the customer interaction. Instantly,

each member of your team can pick up the ball and help to close sales

stuck in the pipeline, revisiting neglected accounts and uncovering the

hidden value in your existing customer base. In competitive sales

environments, sales managers can use the pipeline and sales target tools

to visualize and report upon the success and failures of the sales

organization and make changes in real-time.


Negoish:UNIT Desk v1.0

Module 3 - Document Software



Contracts, licenses, agreements, and forms are question and answer scripts,

surveys, or other data collection templates that you can create for sales or

support teams to distribute to clients through a URL to a custom template

web page. Simply create a new form and design the questionnaire from

scratch, choosing the type of question and answer scenarios using our

simple form builder. Form and survey creation is easy with our form

builder, creating "Template Forms" - multi-page forms that are easy to

follow and complete. Once the form is completed, you will be given a

web link to the form that you may distribute.


Using online forms, you can save time in multiple email and phone

messaging that may take weeks; simply send a link to your prospective

client or current supported customer, and you can easily qualify and

route the request to the most efficient solution. The web forms /

surveys feed results into a reporting solution, which is presented as a

table with all of the results easily displayed. You may also export the

survey form results to html or comma separated file for import into other

analysis or marketing solutions.



We provide a robust document management feature that allows you to

share your important files/documents with your sales team, providing

instant access to all of your electronic files. Simply create a folder and put

your files in it; you can even upload a whole directory structure with one

simple click.


With point-and-click convenience, our powerful document management

and doc storage is a safe, secure place to centralize your electronic

document assets. Your sales team can then quickly access sales and

marketing literature, standardized templates, or any other type of file

instantly from anywhere in the world.


Each sales team member can have their own document store, and each

document can be related to a function within the [VSD] X solution.

For example, a document can be assigned to a contact, task, event, or call

-- assign marketing and sales information to customers to show that they

have been sent information. Instantly, all of your sales and support team

have 24 x 7 secure access to all of your important business information assets.


Our document management and [VSC] X solution integration

combines with our call and email functions for total sales dealmakers solutions.

Utilizing the full power of [VSC] X solution means total integration of

the sales and support processes as it relates to customers, try for yourself

and see the power that real-time [VSC] X solution and document

integration brings to your successful small business.



Post-Sales case management helps your staff solve vendor or user support

requests. Simply start a new post-sales case and open a ticket in your virtual

help desk. Associate long-term cases with ongoing issues that can be solved

and quickly closed. [VSC] X solution provides a simple post-sales case

management solution integrated with our [VSC] X solution.


Customize support case / customer support tickets with your own custom

fields and assign them to one or multiple support team members. Our

support case auto-tickets allows you to customize the status, priority, type,

and add custom fields specific to your small business. You may also relate

post-sales support cases to vendors, users, contacts, calls, an event, or a

document; create notes for all support cases and capture all important



Post-Sales case management and customer support are important and

drive follow on sales through good service practices. Utilize the power

of true sales dealmakers solutions in a hosted [VPN] virtual private network.



We provide real time reporting and analytics features to track and analyze

your sales dealmakers solution. You can set up custom template reports

and choose from a variety of colorful and informative html graph types including

pie, bar, line, and scatter plots, allowing you to quickly visualize and analyze

the results of your sales and support activities.


Our reporting features allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your

[VSC] X solution and how well your sales team is completing the sales

cycle. You can also run reports that track system usage for each of your

sales team members, allowing you to see where additional training is needed

or extra customization in the application so that your sales team can use the

tool more efficiently and easily as it pertains to your normal business operation.


Using the reporting functions, it is easy to get a complete picture of what is

happening and how our [VSC] X solution is helping your small business

to achieve its goals.


Negoish:UNIT Board v1.0

Module 4 - Lead Generation Software



Powerful call scripting and call automation features make our solution

extremely useful and robust. Create call scripts that can be assigned

and scheduled to your sales team members and then track each call

and the results using our feature-rich solution. Our [VSC] X

solution makes call automation and follow-up simple, and with our

powerful data-collection features and call scheduling, your business

will never miss an opportunity again.


Not just call logging, but complete call automation and scripting

integrated in a powerful sales dealmakers solution will instantly

empower your business.


Our [VSC] X solution call automation templates is very powerful.

Create a custom call script that your sales team members can use online,

in real time as the call progresses, capturing important qualification

and lead information that will assist in future sales or support calls.

Although not specifically designed for call centers, our powerful call

automation and data collection [VSC] X tools are more robust and

flexible than most any call automation and call tracking solution.



Superior email integration and mailing list features set our product

apart from the others. Integrate your existing POP mail accounts with

our sales dealmakers solution and harness the most powerful online tool

in your existing email accounts. Create and manage email campaigns with

mail merging ability, our solution provide integrated document management

and email campaigning, surveys and questionnaires and more. Combined

with our call scripting automation, email automation and list and campaign

management, tools essential for making the sales process more efficient; take

advantage of our powerful [VSC] X solution today.


Create email campaigns that use your own email server to create powerful

and compelling sales literature; our integrated document system allows you

to easily create email campaigns with your existing sales and marketing assets.

First, use the document manager to pull in all of your sales literature. Then use

the email campaign creation functions to automate the distribution of your

targeted marketing, providing full mail-merge features using your own email

account with integrated POP email access.


Our [VSC] X solution email functionality is not supposed to replace your

current mail client, but works together with your existing email solution to

provide an automated distribution and integrated [VSC] X solution.

Using your own POP account, you can distribute and track emails to customers,

and with our new loyalty management feature, you can create coupons and

promotions and track them as customers and their friends drive more business

to you, and allows you to establish rewards programs for existing customers

as they bring in more business.

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