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Sales Technology

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You will own new/existing turnkey business solution with integrated

user-web-centric cloud application for sales entrepreneurs, sales management,

sales professionals and sales recruiters. We provide you with a hosted

customized with complete sales control panel

for management and administration. You will have eight senior partners

for leadership and contacts with a ten year virtual software cloud license,

ten year virtual sales cloud contract, and Net 75% [ROI] return on investment

with a certificate of authenticity for your new/existing on-line business.


[Negoish:UNIT Server 1.0]

Virtual Cloud Software and Services

We provide you a turnkey user-web-centric profit center with customized

software and services toolbox plus a fifty page administrative manual to

operate your turnkey business solution. We launch your turnkey business

on-line and provide you with private user i.d. and password to access to

your sales control panel. You have multiple design and database capabilities

to implement your virtual sales cloud application content to generate "new"

client business. You can increase your sales revenue by 50% while at the same

time reduce your sales expense by 50% with significant increased productivity.


[Negoish:UNIT Ware 1.0]

Virtual Sales Cloud Exchangeware

We provide user-web-centric exchangeware services for multi-user, multi-

interactive and multi-integrated realtime business exchanges, transactions and

commissions with sales partners, sales alliances, sales affiliates and sales

subscribers. We utilize the latest sales related technologies,databases, content,

resources and leads to achieve your new/existing business collaboration profit goals.


[Negoish:UNIT Desk 1.0]

Virtual Sales Cloud Document

Your sales control panel provides one hundred sales related software and services

cloud templates plus a fifty page text manual with multiple application forms

and files for matching buyers and sellers. We provide [html] forms for marketing

and presentations, financial spreadsheet templates and reports for calculations.

You get communications formats for networking. All you have to do is fill in

the blanks while you are marketing, selling and negotiating virtual sales cloud

applications for profit center growth.


[Negoish:UNIT Board 1.0]

Virtual Sales Cloud Lead Generation

We provide realtime sales lead generation templates with client data mining

information for potential clients worldwide.


Requirements for Implementation:


Desktop, Laptop and Smart Phone

Internet Explorer

Isp + e-Mail


Complete Guarantee, Installation, Support, and Training:

Dial-Up Installation - Software and Services weblinks, hotlinks, and taglinks

Dial-Up Support - Realtime Production support

Dial-up Training - Database and Lead Generation opportunities


Sales Partner:

Unlimited Potential - Profit Center

Net 75% Commission + Shared Profits


"Free" Consultation:

A Voicestars, Inc. Company

Mark Paul Braunstein

(610) 966-1984


Sales Partner

Software and Services

Complete: $999.98

Net 75% [ROI]

Ten Year Sales Contract






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