Negoish:UNIT v1.0

Starter Kit

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Negoish:UNIT v1.0 - Site License

You implement your own Negoish:UNIT v1.0 to Market, Sell, and Negotiate

our Turnkey Business Solutions.


Virtual Sales Cloud:

Sales Entrepreneur User-Web-Centric Software License with Control User



Virtual Sales Cloud Profit Center:

You are interested in a new/existing turnkey small business opportunity that

can enable you to grow technologically, professionally and spiritually with

your own profit center.


Virtual Sales Cloud Strategy:

100% + (ROI) Return On Investment - One Year

100% + (RRM) Reducing Recapitalization Matrix - One Year

100% + (IPP) Independent Profit Plan - One Year


Virtual Sales Cloud Requirements:

Desktop, Laptop and SmartTop

Browser + Isp + e-Mail


Complete Guarantee, Installation, Support, and Training:

Dial-Up Installation - Software and Services weblinks, hotlinks, and taglinks

Dial-Up Support - Realtime Production support

Dial-up Training - Database and Lead Generation opportunities





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